The best quality at its fair value

We search for the best workshops around the world. We work together to create beautiful basics. We offer our products exclusively online.

  • Quality

    We are constantly searching for the best fabrics and the most qualified partners. Therefore, we work with the same workshops as true luxury brands.

  • Transparency

    We do not claim the quality of our products, we show it to you and that makes the whole difference. All of our products are made in Europe.

  • Fair value

    By distributing exclusively on the internet, we remove intermediary costs, to the benefit of the product, and therefore of the customer. You do not pay the shops but only the product.


  • Artaban: 

    By offering its garments and accessories directly online, Artaban's model aims to shake up luxury codes, by selling similar products to those of the most high-end brands, but at reasonnable rates.  


    Semi luxury

    Their strategy is to manufacture products of superior quality and maximize their brand image through their communication and their shops' positioning. Their brand allows them to apply strong multiples (4-8).


    Fast fashion

    This segment includes all major international clothing brands with a broad distribution network and attractive prices. These brands get their supplies from low cost countries and sell medium quality products at a low price.



    Often well-known from the general public, the real luxury brands are rare. Their strategy is simple: sell refined quality at high prices. The multiples in this sector are often at least 8. Having usually been around for decades, these brands make their customers fantasize about their history and their communication.


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