Access the quality of real luxury brands 

We find the best workshops around the world and we remove all middlemen. 


The best quality at its fair value.

We search for the finest workshops around the world. We collaborate together to create beautiful basics. We offer our products exclusively online. 

  • Quality

    We are constantly searching for the finest fabrics and the most qualified partners. Therefore, we work with the same workshops as true luxury brands.

  • Transparency

    We do not claim the quality of our products, we show it to you and that makes the whole difference. All of our produts are made in Europe.

  • Fair value

    By distributing exclusively on the internet, we remove intermediary costs, to the benefit of the product, and therefore of the client. You do not pay the shops but only the product.


  • “Artaban adopts a unique positionning. You will never find that quality level at such price”

  • Fast Fashion

    This segment includes all major international clothing brands with a large distribution network and very attractive prices. These brands get their supplies from low cost countries and sell medium quality products at a low price. They have the least important multiples (ratio between the selling price and the purchaising cost) of the sector (between 2 and 3) and make profits thanks to their sales volume.  

    These brands, thanks to their low prices and the continuous renewal of their collections, have revolutionized the market by creating ephemeral clothing.

  • Semi luxury

    The semi-luxury brands have a less developped, more selective sales network, their selection of stores are located in the trendiest neighborhoods in big cities. Their strategy is to produce items of a slightly superior quality, compared to "bottom-of-the-range" brands, and to develop their brand image through their communication campaigns and their stores' positionning. Their brand image allows them to apply strong multiples (4 to 8) and therefore finance their growth through the development of a distribution network in big cities, in France and then abroad. 

    Customers, with a strong sense of belonging, are willing to buy a brand over quality. 

  • Luxury

    Often well known from the general public, the true luxury brands are rare. Their strategy is simple: sell fine quality at high prices. The multiples in this sector are at a minimum of 8. Having been around, most often, for decades, these brands make their clients fantasize about their history, their communication, their partnerships, and the quality of their products.

    By offering the very best quality on the market, these brands find loyal customers, in spite of the high prices they charge.

Our team


“A disruptive model had to be invented”

  • We are three founders, Marc, Charles and Alexis, from various backgrounds. While Marc has been working in Management control, Charles was an entrepreneur and finally Alexis was working as a consultant. Nothing was predisposing us to turn to garments and luxury accessories...

    Nothing, except our frustration of not finding quality clothes at reasonable prices! From this observation, we decided to partner up to create a garments and accessories' brand offering accessible high-range products. The idea seemed great but how make it happen and why no one had done it before us?

  • Actually, however we tried to turn the problem around, our brand could not answer its sales agreement of both having affordable prices and be sustainable financially. A disruptive model had to be invented: creating a luxury brand available online and offer products at their "fair value", meaning without adding the distribution network costs!

    It was 2013 and the terms "luxury" and "internet" were even more antinomic than it is now... However, we took up the challenge, knowing that the biggest difficulty would be to build enough trust so that our custumers felt confident to buy over 100€ items online without having seen them beforehand nor try them... 

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